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Romengo play Hungarian olah-gypsy music. Most of the members mastered this music as their mother tongue. Thus, beside the existing gypsy folk songs, the band also perform their own tradition-based songs on stage with their own unique sound. Since their formation in 2004, Romengo has performed, besides India, Korea,( Sori Festival ) Malaysia ( Rainforest World Music Festival ) and Mexico,( Cervantino Festival) in more than 20 European countries, and both of their albums got into the best 10 records of World Music Charts Europe. The album Kétháné reached number 5 (September 2011), and the one entitled Nagyecsed-Budapest reached number 8 in May 2014. Mónika Lakatos, their solo vocalist, was given the Anna Lindh award in 2007, “For Parallel Cultures” award in 2013 and “For the Ethnic Minorities” award in 2014.


The music of Romengo is characterized by the respect for traditions and constant revival.

Besides their heavy preference for using can tins as well as spoons and the “teknő” (tub), they aren't averse to new sounds either.


The openness of Romengo's musical world was also represented by their joint concert with the 17-member Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra in Veszprém, 2011, and also their performance together with Indian songstress Sumitra at the Berliner Philharmoniker in 2015, directed by Birgit Ellinghaus.

According to their own admission, the boundaries of the olah-gypsy music are wider than that of Hungary, that is why Romengo's songs are influenced by other musical styles like jazz and flamenco, thanks to their guest musician friends Mihály Dresch and flamenco guitarist Juan De Lerida. They are also featured on the Romengo album titled Nagyecsed-Budapest.


Romengo perform in small theatres and venues with the same enthusiasm and joy as they did in recent years at the Berliner Philharmoniker, the Frankfurt Opera House or at the opening of Womex Gypsy Heartbeats held in 2015, in the Palace of Arts, Budapest!